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How To Quickly Get Nails Like The Pros

Sometimes when you look at pictures of models and celebrities online and in magazines you often wonder how in the hell they managed to get such extravagant nails and why yours can’t be as beautiful. Well, the difference there is usually because they have the help of highly paid nail art technicians. Not all of us can afford such a luxury, and not everybody possesses natural expertise at crafting fabulous nails like the professionals. So what can be done?

Well fret no longer, because it is possible to cheat at getting great nails without having to attend a two year course in professional manicure training. With these simple tips you’ll be able to quickly buff up your nail skills and show off to everyone fabulous fingertips they’ll think were done by pros.

So let’s begin the fast track beautiful nails 101 lesson!

Read WikiHow Guides

The internet is a massive resource of free and accessible information, but it’s often surprising how Nail Artmuch people overlook its usefulness. Guides like this appear all over the web and WikiHow, an open source website dedicated to users contributing ‘how to’ guides on almost every subject imaginable, has countless articles on nail beauty. They’re easy to read, have picture demonstrations and break things down into simple steps so everybody can learn at a steady pace. There’s also a fair learning curve so newbies don’t get overwhelmed. By following the simple guides, you can become an expert in minutes and pretend as if you’ve known everything about advanced nail art the whole time.

Use Nail Appliques

Some nails can look really gorgeous with little acrylic decorations and jewels attached to them, but often these delicate designs can be tough for amateurs to master. Luckily you can cheat and make it appear as if you’re a master at these kinds of beautiful designs by getting ready made acrylic nails straight from beauty stores. They come in all different kinds of great styles and are remarkably easy to apply with just a bit of glue and nail polish. Even the clumsiest of you out there won’t be able to mess up putting these on, so they’re a great way to feign manicure competence.

Watch Online Video Tutorials

Sometimes the best way to learn is not by reading, but by visual demonstration. Apart from going to nail beauty classes, which can be expensive, you could take a look at many of the hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of video makers on YouTube that have compiled tutorials on nail art. Whole channels from users such as Robin Moses, who uploads many of her unique creations, and luxuriousnails provide easy to follow guides to making great nails. There are many more to discover with hours of content just a click and search away. Free knowledge is what the internet was made for, and you can find the best of it on YouTube.

Visit Nail Art Forums

Nail GlitterAnother sure fire way to ensure you get quick, free and easy advice is by engaging with the nail art community online. Visit forums where nail artists congregate and like to chat and you’re sure to find welcoming users that will happily share with you tips and tricks, as well as posting inspirational ideas you can use. A quick Google search will reveal the top forums, and Tumblr is a good place to go and see nail art blogs, but the Reddit community r/RedditLacqueristas is also another popular and open community for nail addicts.

Practice On Dummy Nails

If you’ve great ideas but don’t want to mess them up on your real nails, then buy some fake plastic or dummy nails to practice. Trial and error is the way forward when it comes to building up and learning new skills, and doing it in a safe, consequence-free way works the best. Fake nails are disposable so if you mess up it doesn’t matter and you can stock up on as many as you like until you perfect your technique and signature style.

Practice, practice, practice is really the best advice we can give, but with these hot tips going from boring nails to fabulous nails can be sped up. Soon you’ll be able to confidently wield beautiful nails that’ll be the envy of all your friends and they’ll want to know your secret. And the secret is – there is no secret. Just being wise and knowing the right places to research and learn.

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Kelly Jacobs is a fashion and beauty blogger that still considers herself a noob when it comes to doing her own nail art.

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Fashion Tips That Would Help You Look The Best

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to buying clothes. There are numerous fashion brands all over the globe which keep introducing new trends and outfits, so that buyers can choose them according to their personality. Branded clothes are becoming popular amongst buyers but the most important thing is to buy clothes that match one’s persona. Here are some tips that will help you with the process.

Tip1: Buy Outfits that Fit You Well

There are people who buy clothes just because others are wearing them. For them it is like having only the latest trends in their wardrobe. Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach. You must always buy clothes that suit you and fit well. Imagine buying a pair of jeans that are ‘in’ these days but on you they look baggy or too-tight. It is a good thing to be inspired by fashion trends but it is equally important to buy something that looks elegant on you. Thus, consider your figure and your height before selecting an outfit.

Tip2: Buy Outfits, Not Labels

Buyers who run after brands need to know that labels do not really matter. You should buy good quality clothes, regardless of the brand name, instead of sticking to certain brands just because you want to flaunt the name. It’s okay to buy clothing that is not branded but matches your personality. Therefore, next time you shop around, make sure that you do not choose clothing only for the ‘label’.

Tip3: Dress for Yourself Instead of Others

Everyone should buy outfits in which they are comfortable and feel confident. However, people tend to forget this when they buy clothes. Undoubtedly, the clothing should be impressive so that others can appreciate it. However, remember that if you aren’t comfortable in an outfit, you will not make a good impression on others, either. Therefore, buy outfits for yourself rather than for onlookers.

Buy outfits that are classic and elegant at the same time. This can be a difficult task for those who buy clothes without thinking. Trends stay for a short duration and it is possible that clothes which you buy because they are in fashion this season might not be ‘in’ next year. Instead of getting carried away with trends, choose clothes that will not easily go out of fashion.

Tip4: Choose the Right Colors and Accessories

Whenever you buy clothes, make sure that you buy colors that suit your skin and hair tone. On the other hand, do not be afraid to experiment occasionally with colors that you do not have in your wardrobe as you might look good in them too. Pair the new outfit with classic accessories for a subtle look.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when buying clothes is to buy matching accessories. Shoes, jewelry, purses, etc. should complement the outfits you own. These are necessary as they create the best overall appearance.

What You Need to Remember

Whenever you wear an outfit, make sure that you look amazing from head to toe. Spend time on your makeup and hair too. You should aim for the complete package, so do not compromise on anything. The makeup should match your outfit and accessories, however, make sure that you do not overdo it.

You might be attracted to new styles and patterns that you have never tried before. The thing to do is try on the outfit, and if it looks good, go ahead and buy it. Remember that everyone has a different personality so buy things according to your taste. If you like something that your friend or colleague was wearing the other day, just think about whether it will actually suit you as well. Believe in making your own style statement rather than following others. This is possible only when you carry an outfit with confidence and feel comfortable in it.

If you are planning to buy clothes online, then you might not be able to try them on until they reach you. Before experimenting with a new look, go to a store and try on a similar outfit. If it looks good on you, go ahead and buy it online. Be careful while selecting the size and design so that you always buy clothes that fit properly.

Buying the right clothes can help you look your best. Even simple outfits sometimes make you look amazing. Therefore, next time you plan to add something to the wardrobe, make sure that you choose the right items!

Susan is an expert in fashion trends. She advocates online buying and believes that buyers get good choices with online stores like KasukuKikoy.

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Should Big Women Be Afraid Of Skinny Jeans?

Super Fat WomanYou can’t go anywhere nowadays without spotting slinky skinny women showing off their perfect pins, luscious limbs and flat stomachs. Whether it’s on a high rise billboard or a saucy television advert, slim women are frequently shown flaunting their shapes with their trusty best mates – the skinny jeans. Yet it begs the question – Is it really like this in the real world? We all come in many shapes and sizes; so continually pushing slim and slender figures is bound to leave a large proportion feeling left out.

Just because you’re of ample size and over the seen to be ‘required’ weight – it isn’t to say you can’t rock the same skinny jeans as all the rest. OK so you think you’re fat, but there is no need to totally disregard skinny jeans. You’ll be surprised because you can still look buff in a pair of skinnies. Big is beautiful but unfortunately the term “Fatty Jeans” probably wouldn’t work.

How To Achieve Skinny Jeans Image   

Denim Jeans PocketMaybe you’re standing there pondering the erupting muffin top you’ve so sweetly acquired. It’s easy to become disheartened after trying on your first pair of skinny jeans but just because the first test didn’t go down well it doesn’t mean you can’t conquer the skinny jeans image. DO NOT go down a size thinking that this will accomplish the look. You need a slimming fit, a pair of jeans that can comfortably hug your curves and bum, a pair that you can confidently stroll around in. Sitting down is another decent way to test the pinch and if you can man-oeuvre around without the fear of collapsing it’s a great start. If you are particularly bottom heavy then selecting a pair of dark washed skinny jeans can also improve the effect. Dark colours generally give off a much more slimming look rather than a pair of bright red or beige shaded jeans.

Wear Other Items To Aid Your Look

Another sneaky way of slipping into some skinnies is to wear other clothes that can help streamline your body.

  • Touching on it earlier, darker shades can benefit your physique a lot more. Jeans, Boots and JewelleryHowever, if you have very large thighs then wearing a lighter top will draw the eye up and away from your worriment area. It’s a common illusion that can make your bottom half seem a lot smaller than it actually is.
  • Wearing skinnies with a blazer and high heels can also elongate your structure.
  • Many people say that horizontal stripes are a huge ‘no-no’ for anyone who isn’t at ease with their slender figure. Granted, thick horizontal stripes can make you look like you’re wearing monster truck tyres but thinner stripes can actually muster a slimming illusion.
  • Shiny fabrics are another poor addition to the wardrobe if you’re trying to develop a sleeker body image.

If you still haven’t found joy then a last ditch alternative could be a pair of high-waist stretch jeans; although they’re not skinnies and on the hanger they may seem unflattering, once they’re on they might be just the ticket.

You can also take inspiration from others around you. For instance, Jessica Kane – she’s a size 26/28 and weighs over 300lb. She’s a great example of how a larger woman can achieve the skinny jeans look. You’re only as healthy as you feel.

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Paula Thompson is an expert in womens fashion and is interested in helping all sizes, styles and ages.

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